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February 17, 2013


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17th February - Twixie

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 3:53 PM
So time to leak some thoughts. (This is gonna be a long one guys, especially as I add more peoples opinions, thoughts and points, be sure to check back frequently to this post if the topic interests you).

Thanks to a small talk with my friend, I just realised that for all I love Twixie, I couldn't really explain why.

Then he kinda helped out and actually gave me a few reasons.

As the finale to Season 3 has made clear, Twilight has been a noble her entire life. Her family is clearly rich or well off, considering that they live in Canterlot, as well as being able to put their daughter into the Gifted Unicorns school (Celestia didn't discover Twilight until -after- Twi was enrolled in the school, doing the entry exam, so there was no in-housing in via royal connections). Let's not forgot that Shining Armour somehow had the opportunity to get close to and spend time with Princess Cadence, which can't be an easy task since she's, you know, a Princess, which puts them further up the social chain as it is.

Twilight's not exactly the girl who lived, under the stairs with a terrible distant-relatives 'family' (points for reference get :love:).

This all seems fairly obvious, but honestly, not to me until now. Twi living in Ponyville, making ordinary friends and having a (semi)ordinary life kinda made me forget that she is, well, the one. Most of the time I've thought of her just as that gorgeous lilac unicorn who lives in a library in Ponyville, not the chosen one from canterlot. Kinda weird huh, considering in amongst this day-to-day life stuff she still saves the world several times, and it still escapes my mind.


Then of course there's Trixie, who's pretty much (as much as I hate to say it because I love her) a bum. No friends, probably no family, no love, barely scraping by in the ever-forgiving world of Equestria, having an even harder time doing that considering Twilight and the others did, despite their good intentions, ruin Trixie's reputation and get her run out of every town she then visited. In fact, that problem probably became worse after Magic Duel, word from Ponyville would probably spread fast of the insane stage-unicorn who used evil magic to enslave a town.

It's kind of a "The Prince" and "The Pauper" thing, although with Twilight and Trixie, it's more like "The best, most special and gifted uni[ali]corn in the history of Equestria ever" and "The completely talentless and friendless hack".

This has got to be why it's such a special pairing. Twilight is everything anybody/anypony could ever want (especially since she is after all, a combination of all of elements of harmony). Pretty much perfect, wherever your opinion stands on her. That's not the point though, the point is, Trixie has nothing and has never really had anything. To go from nothing to everything is the best part of Twixie stories because of course, Trixie always rejects this sudden kindness and love, having never received it, but eventually realises, well haha, all of the freakin' above about Twilight, and why she should be wrapping her hooves around that beautiful lilac pony and never letting go.

I think that's a clincher in a lot of romance stuff for people, the Trixie character not only being lucky enough to have a chance with the Twilight character, but to get her in the end as well. What am I talking about "Characters" though like they're metaphors for others, Twilight and Trixie are right here :heart: .


Addition by Fipse
:iconfipse:: I noticed this difference in their social status but you have explained it better then i could have ever done ;)

But we should not forget about the differences in their personalities. I think this is the most important aspect of the stories.
Just look at Trixie. She is always traveling through Equestria (at least we assume she does). No home. No normal day. No plan. Then we have Twilight. She has fixed focus points in her life, she has always a plan (to a point of it being an obsession). Then we put the two together in a relationship. I once heard the joke question if Twilight would plan for sex in a relationship. Of course she would. But with Trixie she would never have the chance. Trixie would give Twilights life a nice portion of "randomness". (yes you could argue her friends already do this...but twilight still plans out her days). Twilight on the other hand would give Trixie a focus point in her life. A reason to stop running away (she always runs away at the end of her episodes).
Of course all of this based on headcanon about Trixie. For all we know she can have fantastic parents or really horrible ones. But surprisingly most fanfic authors seems to give her a "streetlife" backstory. Just like you said.

OK i have no idea if any of this makes sense but well...just my thoughts on this *G*


I love this point you made, Fipse, about Twilight giving Trixie a focus point in her life, a reason to stop running away.

PS: The main reason of course is that these two are just adorable (and sometimes adorkable) together ;)


TL;DFreakin'R - I love Twilight x Trixie because it's very special :3

There's probably a lot more to be said about this, but I just can't think of anything else right now, if you have any more thoughts to add please do, as I'd love to hear them

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Alexsi-Zyr Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Welp, I'd better put my 2 bits in.

I do so like the idea of Twixie; but what you describe strikes me as a contrast, yes, but not a foundation for or a treasure to find in a relationship. It can even be a harm. It is a very accurate summation (except Trixie isn't talentless) of why I am so sympathetic to Trixie, and why I REALLY have a hard time liking Twilight sometimes. Twilight being 'perfect' and Trixie being Fate's whipping filly seems like a pretty good reason why they would NEVER end up together.

The Great and Powerful Trixie is all alone, she makes her humble living with her acting and her stage magic. Seeing Equestria and fighting for her spot in the world with nothing but a strong will and the dream to really BE 'Great and Powerful.'

Twilight is beloved by all. She got the five best friends in all the land because the planet's strongest politician took the time to set her up on a playdate. She got a library for freesies, and apparently naturally has more raw power than anypony else in the world; which she discovered during her exam at a really fancy school paid for by her high-society parents.

Now then, Trixie meets Twilight, and what happens? Twilight makes her look like a fool, her career is ruined, her home and presumably most of her worldy possessions are destroyed, and the culprits get free moustaches (that scene still makes me wince.) But Trixie? Gallops off into the sunset with a silent cry of 'the show must go on'.

Then, Trixie is left with naught to do but manual labour to survive. She spends all the money she has on an attempt to salvage her life:
A magical artifact that can give her the energy to let her GENUINE skill with magic (that you can't convince me she doesn't have) shine. Beat Twilight, gain a reputations, and add a few more capital letters to THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE! So what does our poor blue mare get for her troubles? Brainwashed, and eventually defeated by a trick that Trixie herself would have used as a strategy had she been lucid.

There's our history, it's two little points but that harshness is far from CONDUCIVE to a relationship. One can come up with ways, but few resolutions can do anything but taint the relationship. Things like Stockholme Syndrome or merely Trixie's spirit finally breaking seem the only in-character ways for them to really end up AS 'The princess and pauper'. Maybe the classic story could carry out, but I just don't see the Great and Powerful Trixie that is in the present actually WANTING to head up that tale.

There is a glorious tale here. A proof that an underdog story can occur between two heroes. A proof that smarts and determination really CAN strike blows against Lady Luck's endless cruelties. A proof that even when the world shouts 'Give Up!' time and again, victory can still be had. And much darker proofs as well. A proof that victory is not fullfillment. A proof that a quest completed is not a life well-lived. A proof that even a revenge sought with no hate or malice brings no joy.

I do love Twixie. NOT as the princess and pauper, though. As a dichotomy of light and dark. As the snarky one and the shy one. As a full range of adorkable. As a tie that balances two strong personalities. As a romance of fantasy that can only be had by two users of magic.

When Trixie TRULY escapes the whole in which destiny has shoved her, when she proves to HERSELF that what she identifies with is no lie, and when she stands atop a barricade once there and for the first time SEES Twilight - A lovely little pony Trixie has spent more time with than any other, who shares all Trixie's interests, and who has a lovely little mane - then Twixie happens.

Princesses and Paupers just get in the way, it's discarding them that is the fun part.

(Okay, also, maybe I have an equality fetish.)

(Okay, yes, maybe I do have an equality fetish.)
NavitasErusSirus Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o.o Wow xD

Fair enough, I wasn't saying their relationship is precisely "Princess & Pauper" but it just seemed easier to surmise it like so.

Twilight's not as you have painted her though, she's clueless about how lucky she is or was considering everything, and Trixie essentially brought her loss on herself. That's why Twilight's so amazingly kind, honest and humble, because she doesn't realise that she has everything.
Alexsi-Zyr Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Those who are lucky but don't properly realize it kind of rub me the wrong way. I didn't really note anything about how Twi REACTS to her luck, just that that really did get much for free. I have a hard time liking her because she got everything; I'm still willing to try because she stays kind, honest, and humble.

Trixie's culpability for her misfortune is a lot less than most seem to think. Yeah, her show was kind of mean, but I bet it is a hit in cities like Manehatten (Insult Comedy and celebrities cold towards their fans DO have an audience.) In episode one she really only made three small errors: being too specific with her invented accomplishments, visiting a hick town on the edge of a den of monsters, and underestimating the stupidity of children.

Yeah, she made the decision to put on the evil amulet later, but I think that just shows how HORRIBLY DESPERATE she was. Now Trixie has to train alone in a forest and live off of pinecones. :(
MajorasWaker Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Very interesting insight you gave us, I think I agree with you on Twixie, after I read all of this!
sebadg Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
i definitely like the comparison of the prince and the pauper and that made me realize that in that story or the thousand re-done it has, you always have the point of view of the pauper, but here we actually we know the other side of the story, i man from the pauper side u kinda always think that the prince have it easy (hardly true she has to save equestria now then), but clearly we don't see what is his/her(man talking of both at the same time is confusing) day life like i mean twilight has a awesome house but from all she does she deserve it and maybe even more
Ukomba Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
You left out the most important part of the episode. Derpy shows up like 5 times!
Ragnarokia Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Twixie is indeed always a special pairing, and without a doubt my favourite. I always do enjoy how Twilight can allow Trixie to finally get some comfort and happiness in her life, since she has likely not even received many hugs during her seemingly friendless life as the showmare most ponies didn't care for past the point of being an attraction.

I personally love taking different paths with the romance, having either Trixie seeking Twilight, or vise versa, having one being taught by the other, or even having some old routes behind them as I am currently writing at the moment having a romance routing from Trixie knowing of Twilight and falling for her before the events of Boast Busters even began. That is perhaps what I love the most about Twixie other than the fact it is so adorable and sweet and beautiful, is the fact it has so many ways which the relationship can work.
Philosopher-01 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've never seen it like this. The story I'm writing, the one I showed you already, really goes against this image of Trixie, shall be interesting to see what people think of it if I ever actually finish the thing!
Dekomaru Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Two sides of the same coin =P
sigel4ever Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student General Artist
uuuuuh interesting!
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